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Here is a selection of comments on EarthNet. You can submit your comments and /or suggestions on the feedback form. Feedback is appreciated as it helps to improve the website.
Thank you so much for your information! It helped me sooo much! It was much appreciated and the Earthnet website is exactly what I need.

Thank you for giving me the list of resources on the geology of Saskatchewan. The book Geology of Saskatchewan has been found in our school. No one knew it was there until I asked, although it looks like I might need a geology major to interpret it for me. The EarthNet site has sent me in the right direction. Thanks for you help. I would still be wandering around the web without your help.

Thank you for answering our question about iron in the sand. We have searched the world over and now we have the answer. Our science experiment can now go on full speed. Yeah!

Also, I'm glad you inherited the Site of the Week ; I think its worth keeping. My daughter and I got a LOT out of the current site of the week, Ocean AdVentures. One other past site that we'd especially like to try but can't get to is Earth Science Resources, under virtual fieldtrips, under past sites of the week. Hope that helps.
Thanks again for existing!
Thank you very much for your great services to the teachers and the students.......

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour le renseignement. Ca fait plaisir de savoir que quelqu'un s'est donné la peine de chercher la réponse à mon "petit" problème.

Your site looks wonderful, and I was excited to see it was bilingual.

Thank you for the information on the websites. I found that there were many lessons prepared on the Sk. Evergreen Curriculum website. I would definitely recommend it.

I have visited your site, and am impressed with the breadth of information present on your page.

Les activités présentées sont intéressantes. Toutefois, on retrouve peu d'activité en français.

Your website, http://agc.bio.ns.ca/EarthNet/, has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers. You will be able to view it in our Science:Earth Science:Earth Science, Teachers section very soon.


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