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Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Talk to Elementary Grades 2 to 6

Author:   Howard Donohoe, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Purpose of Talk

  1. Describe the study of geology and what a geologist does.
  2. Define minerals; show uncomplicated diagnostic tests.
  3. Define rocks.
  4. Show uses of rocks and minerals mined from the earth.
Main Educational Points
  1. Simple tests define minerals.
  2. Minerals form rocks.
  3. Rocks and minerals are important in our life.
  4. Geologists are the people who study minerals, rocks, fossils and mineral resources.
Outline of Talk
  1. Introduction to activities.
  2. What is a Geologist?
  3. What does a geologists do?
  4. Tools for a geologist.
  5. Use of these tools for testing minerals.
  6. Minerals and Rocks.
  7. Uses of minerals and rocks mined from the earth.
  8. Questions and discussion.
  9. Review.
Materials Needed
  1. Geologists' materials: pack, hammer, hand lens, acid, hard hat, eye protection, etc.
  2. Minerals and rocks: enough for four groups to work with various minerals and rocks.
  3. Selected big specimens.
  4. Material for teacher(s).

    Last Modified: 2004-12-10